The technology we use to meet your needs

 Microsoft Power Bi

Microsofts Power Bi is a widely used subscription based product that can be used to manipulate your data in reports, charts and results you need to see.

 Azure Devops

Azure Devops allows code base management, CI/CD for continues integration and deployment of code, which can be automated to deploy automatically to your server environments.

 Microsoft .Net Core

Micorosofts .NET Core is an open source framework, we can use this to create powerful websites, backed-end API's to service data to a website on a multitude of platforms.

What we can apply to your business

 Reporting Systems

Want to improve your reporting? We can build a reporting system from your data, or improve your current reporting in software such as Microsoft Power Bi or Microsofts SQL Server Reporting

 Custom Development

Our team can create custom systems, be it web-based, windows or mobile along with the API's needed to feed the system data to the platforms and to unlock your capabilities.

 Web Design

Need a website, doesnt matter whether its complex or basic, we can help you create beautiful and functional websites, wether you have functionality or usbaility or even both as a requirement.